Senior business executives are finally taking cyber security threats seriously, according to new research from Gartner.

In research released last week, the analysts identified what they argue are the top six security and risk management trends, ranging from the expected technology advancements to fresh geopolitical and regulatory considerations.

At the top of the list is an increased appreciation among the c-suite of the risks cyber attacks pose to business goals and corporate reputation.

According to Gartner analysts, “IT security is a board-level topic and an essential part of any solid digital business strategy.”

That hasn’t always been the case and, Gartner says, its taken a string of high profile security incidents to elevate security concerns. The Equifax data breach alone, which cost the CEO, CIO and CSO their jobs and caused world-wide damages between $1.5 to $4 billion, should be enough to make senior executives acknowledge the challenge.

“Business leaders and senior stakeholders at last appreciate security as much more than just tactical, technical stuff done by overly serious, unsmiling types in the company basement,” said a Gartner research VP, who noted this…

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