The RSA security conference took place this week in San Francisco with keynotes, tutorials, and training sessions to help guide the cybersecurity community toward new tools for information and network security. While these cyber warriors are learning how to protect large companies from cyber criminals, there are plenty of lessons from these experts that individuals and businesses can learn from to stay safe online.

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A recent study on cybersecurity and privacy shows that 82 percent of respondents worry more about cybersecurity than they did five years ago and that 63 percent are more concerned about being hacked in the next five years. Two weeks ago, it was made public that 26 of the email domains connected to the White House were vulnerable to phishing attacks and that the email addresses could be easily spoofed.

Hijacking emails is one of the easier methods that scammers and criminals use as part of cyberattacks, online crimes, and the spreading of malware on computer networks. That the White House was as vulnerable as the average business after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) required all federal agencies to implement a protocol to prevent these types of…

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