Arlington, VA — In an effort to address a persistent concern in the tugboat, towboat and barge industry, the American Waterways Operators has released a guide to educate workers on various principles of fatigue risk management.

Published Oct. 22, the guide was developed by the advocacy organization’s Fatigue Risk Management Group, which identified four core elements of the issue: education, environment, work readiness and fatigue reporting, and performance measurement. For each element, the guide outlines topics and strategies for organizations to consider when implementing workplace fatigue risk management plans.

Further, the guide explores the potential impact of the following factors on worker fatigue: wellness programs, sleep disorders, commuting, duty hours, sleep strategies and sustainability.

“Fatigue risk management plans take a comprehensive, customized approach to addressing fatigue within a company, including policies and practices to address a wide range of fatigue risk factors and mitigation measures,” the resource states. “This guide is tailored to the unique operational and environmental challenges of the towing industry.”

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