3 Emerging Areas of Concern

Information Security Forum recently released “Top Emerging Threats for 2019,” an annual outlook on the top global security threats businesses may face in the coming year. ISF’s Steve Durbin provides insight into some of the most pressing threats organizations should be aware of.

It’s that time of year again – time for each and every one of us to reminisce on the past year and make resolutions for how we can do better in the year ahead.

In the year ahead, organizations must prepare for the unknown so they have the flexibility to endure unexpected and high-impact security events. To take advantage of emerging trends in both technology and cyberspace, businesses need to manage risks in ways beyond those traditionally handled by the information security function, since innovative attacks will most certainly impact both business reputation and shareholder value.

Based on comprehensive assessments of the threat landscape, the Information Security Forum recommends that businesses focus on the following security topics in 2019:

  • The Increased Sophistication of Cybercrime and Ransomware
  • The Impact of Legislation
  • Smart Devices Challenge Data Integrity

We’ve provided an overview for each of these areas below:

The Increased Sophistication of Cybercrime and…


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