A former Pharmacare employee allegedly processed more than $236,000 in suspicious payments over several years, according Manitoba’s auditor general.

Auditor General Norm Ricard said gaps in internal controls were to blame for allowing the alleged problem to carry on so long. Those gaps included “no supervision, weak or no support documentation and few automated controls,” Ricard found in an audit released Tuesday.

“Sadly, issues around the lack of support documentation are not unusual findings for my office. This audit highlights, yet again, the critical importance of setting appropriate documentation standards for specific transaction types and in ensuring compliance through supervision,” said Ricard, in a written statement.

The audit notes the matter came to the attention of the Winnipeg Police Service in late 2014, while the employee suspected to be at fault was fired in 2015.

In an email Tuesday, WPS confirmed that they are still involved with the case but said no arrests have been made.

Ricard recommends that Manitoba Health forward his findings to civil legal services for further consideration.

The audit also calls for the following changes:

-That Manitoba Health conduct a…


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