Executive Director, Engineering and Technical Services, Niger-Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC), Ifeoluwa Oyedele, has said unless risk management procedures are applied to infrastructure development in power projects, sustainable development of the sector may remain elusive.

Speaking after being conferred as fellow of Risk Managers Society of Nigeria (RIMSON), in Abuja, Oyedele insisted that raising awareness on the need for risk management across sectors would enable Nigeria build a sustainable economy.

Attributing the fellowship to hard work and the need to work harder, Oyedele said: “The principles of managing risk are the same, and all we need to do is to just apply it to the power sector.

“It is not different in the power sector to what obtains in the oil industry, to what obtains in the insurance industry, what it entails is doing things the way it should be done, not cutting corners in any way.’’

He said it is important for individuals in all segments of the society to exhibit the right attitude in whatever capacity they have been called to serve.

“Looking into the future, thinking ahead, and knowing that whatever we…


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