Contact, a student group aimed to address potential safety risks at off-campus or otherwise unsupervised events, formed this semester.

Members of the group will receive training from the Emergency Support Team (EST), Sexual Assault and Rape Anonymous Helpline (S.A.R.A.H), Leaders in Interpersonal Violence Education (LIVE) and Green Dot. This way, response team members will be trained in both sexual assault preventative actions, including bystander intervention, and preliminary post-trauma counseling.

Junior co-founder Natalie Aaronson characterized Contact as an “assess and refer organization.”

“Our goal is to create a sober contacting system for off-campus events and otherwise unsupervised events that otherwise have no form of sober contact available,” Aaronson said. “[We’re] creating a preliminary point person for students to come to, whether it’s post-trauma, if they’re too drunk and they’re unsure if they need EST.”

Contact members will be stationed at openly advertised or unsupervised events, but also be available at places with heavy foot traffic at night, like the clock tower on the South 40 and the Village.

“We know that while our goal…


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