Don’t do that, the risk is too high!

You need to spend more money on cyber/fraud prevention/anti-money laundering/(fill in the blank) because there is a high risk of something really bad happening.

You can’t announce the new product/roll out the new system because it’s not ready. We haven’t fixed all the bugs.


The people who shout these warnings are focused on risk. If they see it as high, they see red. STOP signs. DANGER!

stop signdanger


But, what about the people who are trying to get something done?

Do they see prudent, business-oriented people or do they see the boy who called wolf (from Aesop’s fable) or Chicken Little calling out that the sky is falling?

Do they see people who are helping them or getting in the way of running the business?


In a recent RiskMinds video (thank you for sharing, Alexei Sidorenko) Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who is famous for talking about black swans, tells us that there should be no risk management and we should be studying risk taking.

In fact, in his Amazon bio, he says he “spent two decades as a risk taker before becoming a full-time essayist and scholar focusing on practical and philosophical problems with chance, luck, and probability”.

I couldn’t agree more.

Focusing on avoiding hazards (things that might go wrong) is a recipe for failure. You only succeed in life…


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