The Changing Role of Electronic Information Archiving

From Mandatory Requirement to Valuable Business Enabler

Just because you have prohibited employees from communicating about business matters via any channel apart from email doesn’t mean your bases are covered. Mike Pagani explains how prohibition is not prevention, and why, for organizations in highly regulated fields, more concrete steps must be taken to mitigate risks and potential violations.

When it comes to archiving electronic communications used for business, the traditional drivers have been ensuring regulatory compliance for email and being prepared for legal events when they arise. Today however, there are new drivers that are causing organizations to invest in implementing advanced archiving technology and expanding its scope beyond simply email.

The reality is that businesses of all sizes and types are seeking to leverage the productivity gains and expanded reach newer and emerging non-email communications methods and channels offer – think social media, text messaging and collaboration platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams and others. In many cases, compliance and legal teams are playing catch up, as despite policies that prohibit the use of channels other than email, employees will use them when the need outweighs the risk in their minds – even if they have attested to…


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