A good relationship between underwriters and actuaries helps insurers price risk more effectively.

Emily Gilde, a senior vice president and chief actuary with Ethos Specialty Insurance, is in a happy place.

A holder of a Masters and a PhD in Economics from Yale, the veteran of almost 25 years in the insurance industry finds herself aligned with an underwriting team where she is viewed as a partner in writing new business, rather as someone who is viewed as an obstacle because she thinks the numbers aren’t right.

“I think it started at the top of the organization,” Gilde says, in recalling how it all went right for her with the managing general agency and Ascot subsidiary, which she joined in January. Before Ethos, she spent time with Nationwide and AIG, and before that a brief stint in academia back in the early 1990s.

Emily Gilde, VP and chief actuary, Ethos Specialty Insurance

“At Ethos I think there was a conscious decision to make the actuary a part of the underwriting team,” she said. “It wasn’t seen as window-dressing but really a recognition of the fact that for an MGA to be successful, you have to have a lot of credibility with your underwriting.”

So, was there a time when Gilde was not happy in…


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