CCI interviews Laurie Duchateau of Buck, an integrated HR and benefits consulting, administration, and technology services provider. Laurie discusses her start in compliance and what needs Buck is meeting in the ever-evolving benefits compliance space.

Corporate Compliance Insights: How did you get started on a career in compliance?

Laurie Ducheateau: I started my career as an employee benefits attorney in private legal practice. As a first-year attorney, I found the work challenging and interesting, but I was unaware that this choice would lead me down a career path with compliance at its core. Employee benefits is all about compliance, legal, statutory, regulatory, etc. I believe the keystone of any good employee benefit program is compliance.

CCI: Who helped shape your views?

LD: Time, experience and my legal mentors have been instrumental in shaping my views on compliance. I have come to realize that by viewing employee benefits and HR compliance through a practical and solutions-based lens, we are able to assist clients with the development of meaningful benefit programs while allowing them to sleep at night. The complexities, uncertainties and detail surrounding employee benefit compliance is ever evolving, making solutions-based compliance even more important.

CC: How do you stay current on ethics and…


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