Commencing with strategy and scope,

Security assessment will bring hope.

With impact and projections calculated,

Justification to the board will be validated.

Welcome to Part 3, of “3 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Cyber Security”.  In Part 1, I discussed assessing and prioritising your organisation’s risks as well as commencing a risk assessment.  Part 2 involved the importance of assessing your organisation’s supply chain and including such details within the overall risk assessment.

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Step 3: Complying with GDPR

In step 3, I discuss how General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a catalyst for security investment.  (Don’t miss part 4, which reveals what key pieces of information the board will be looking for from your presentation!)

GDPR is Europe’s new framework for data protection laws, replacing the previous 1995 data protection directive.  The previous UK law (Data Protection Act 1998) was based upon this directive.  GDPR is designed to harmonise and modernise data privacy laws across Europe and also give greater rights and protection to…

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