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3 cybersecurity ‘truths’ that every CISO must know

For government chief information security officers, today’s cybersecurity landscape continues to shift. As local, state and federal agencies launch digital transformation initiatives, they embrace a wealth of exciting new innovations. Yet in the process, they expand their attack surface and increase their threat risk, and that can get pretty scary. Especially for the CISOs.

In moderating a panel discussion titled “CISO & CIO Perspectives” during the recent RSA Conference’s “Public Sector Day” in San Francisco, I and audience members were able to learn new “truths” about the cybersecurity trends and challenges that agencies at all levels of government are facing, as presented by local, state and federal CISOs from across the country who participated in the session. We also talked about ways to address the challenges. Here are panel “truths” that stood out, along with response recommendations to make them, well, a little less intimidating:

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