As smart grid systems grow in scope and complexity, they require more protection, and more sophisticated protection, against cyber threats. However there is a skills gap, which can make it hard for companies that are trying to build and protect their grids.

The ENCS has just completed its first course of a new training programme launched earlier this year. It is designed to help security architects design secure smart grids, looking at risk-based architecture design and the IT/OT interface design.

So what are the best ways a company can ensure its cyber security? ENCS managing director Anjos Nijk offers his five top tips.

Identifying weak spots

“To start with, I want to point out the importance of the implementation of information security management systems. This is part of an EU regulation that came into effect last year, the Network Information Security Directive, which imposes regulations on grid operators that mean they have to take appropriate technical and operational…

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Обучение для риск менеджеров


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