The IIA has published a new Practice Guide, Assessing the Risk Management Process. In IIA-speak, this is recommended but not mandatory guidance for its members.

A previous December 2010 Practice Guide, Assessing the Adequacy of Risk Management Using ISO 31000 is still available.

I much prefer the earlier version, especially as it talks about meeting the needs of the organization (which is critical) and how management needs to know what risks to pursue, not just avoid or mitigate, so that it can achieve its objectives. It also includes the famous “fan”, indicating which risk management roles are appropriate for internal auditors.


The new PG has some good content, including (my highlights):

  • Risk management is driven by more than regulations and external forces. Implementing efficient and effective risk management benefits organizations of any type and size by helping them to achieve operational and strategic objectives and to increase value and sustainability, ultimately better safeguarding their stakeholders.
  • Benchmarking the current state of the organization’s risk management against a risk management maturity model is a good place to start this type of assessment. Benchmarking may help the internal audit activity communicate with senior management and the board about the organization’s level of…


Обучение для риск менеджеров


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