So far, Marriott’s massive 2018 breach has cost it just $3,000,000

Today we’re going to autopsy last year’s Marriott data
breach, which affected nearly 400,000,000 guests and looked to be one of the
most pervasive breaches in history.

There are a few big takeaways that come with this. And we spoke with a range of security experts to get their opinions on them. We’ll cover what happened, why it happened, who did it, and whether the culprit exonerates Marriott. But first we’re going to start with a quick refresher, followed by the Marriott Data Breach’s total cost – which we were updated on at the start of March.

Let’s hash it out.

The Marriott Data Breach in Five Minutes

By this point, pretty much everyone is at least aware of the
Marriott Data Breach, but let’s at least cover the basics before we get into
unraveling the ramifications of it all.

For starters, this breach is huge. By some estimates it’s the second biggest of all-time, behind only Yahoo and well ahead of Equifax. The breach actually began in 2014 and wasn’t discovered until September 10th of this year. In the four years between the network being breached and said…

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