Actionable advice and a reader-friendly format make this an essential handbook for today’s operational risk manager

Want a refresher on current best practices for operational risk management in the financial services industry – but also need a crash course on today’s cutting-edge developments and advanced tools?

A recent addition to the risk management bookshelf offers both.

Operational Risk Management: Best Practices in the Financial Services Industry by Ariane Chapelle (Wiley Finance Series, 2019) explores the range of operational risks while offering step-by-step guidance on getting your own program underway.

Chapelle, widely viewed as a leading teacher and writer in the field of operational risk, draws on her extensive experience working with and advising financial companies and regulators. The subject matter is heavy, but her tone is accessible and engaging.

Comprehensive? Indeed. Chapelle has worked in operational risk management for almost 20 years and tells the reader, “This book presents in 20 chapters everything I know in operational risk.”

The book’s utility isn’t limited to financial services. Operational risk in the context of a financial company refers to anything that’s is not purely a financial risk, so the best practices she outlines can be viewed as…


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