In 1993, president and CEO Tim Needles started Onix with two other entrepreneurs, concentrating mostly on TCP/IP, a suite of communication protocols used to govern connection of online computer systems. The company’s profits have ballooned in conjunction with its reach into the business intelligence space. Over the past five years, Onix has focused on generating a 20%-25% uptick in year-over-year sales.

“With the public cloud services market forecast to grow 17.3% in 2019, Onix is poised for even stronger growth this year,” Needles said in an email. “We fully expect an increase in annual revenues of more than 25% in 2019.”

Expected dramatic growth in cloud usage has necessitated more products to handle the load.

For example, Budget Dumpster, a Westlake provider of affordable trash container rentals, uses Onix’s OnSpend billing analytics tool to manage its budget in association with an existing Google cloud platform.

Director of web development Joe Swislocki said the tool tracks company spending across all accounts, alerting officials to projects at risk of budget overrun. He likened using OnSpend to having another employee in-house dedicated to crunching…

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