Lesley Maea suggests compliance today could take a cue from Marie Kondo in her Netflix hit, “Tidying Up.” To remain safe and secure, use an intranet as a single source of truth. Yes, you read that right: an intranet.

Put everything in one place. Then, you can see what you have and get rid of what you don’t need. That’s one of the organization methods Marie Kondo uses in her Netflix hit, “Tidying Up.”

Our organizational lives are like a lot of Marie’s clients. Your files are likely stacked up, spilling out or otherwise in disarray throughout your office. Some of you might be thinking, “You haven’t seen my office. I’m positively fastidious.” Well, then, let’s talk about your digital files.

Every organization — every department, even every computer — could use a little digital organization to increase compliance. Especially when it comes to employee handbooks, compliance training and policies and procedures, your employees likely don’t even know where to find the files. If they can find them, they’re probably out of date anyway.

So, let’s put everything in one place to provide employee access, keep it up to date and save your organization money.

Employees Need Access

Your employees forgot whatever it is you told them during onboarding, and they…


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