Six ways the CIO is supporting the Army’s new AI task force

The Army is doubling down on artificial intelligence.

Not only is it joining in on the Defense Department’s Joint AI Center (JAIC), the Army is taking the understanding and use of AI and machine learning one step further.

Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford, the Army’s chief information officer, said the service launched a new organization in September focused on bringing AI closer to the soldier and battlefield, and the business operations.

“The Army stood up an AI task force. The lead for that is Brig. Gen. Matt Easley, a signal officer. He reports directly to Army Futures Command,” Crawford said in an interview on Ask the CIO. “Let’s take a step back and think about the importance of AI. Two nation states in the last six months have made some declarative statements about the importance of AI. One nation state has said in an open forum that said the nation state that dominates in AI has the potential to rule the world. The other nation state has specifically said that AI is the key to overcoming the U.S. military as the most dominant fighting force in the world. If you think about the importance of AI, there is significant investment being made by peer competitors in…

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