Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Justin Paperny, who founded his consulting firm, White Collar Advice, in 2008. Here, Justin shares his insight into the recent college admissions scandal, as well as a bit on his journey and the needs his firm meets.

On March 12th, Justin’s phone began blowing up as U.S. federal prosecutors alleged that at least 50 people, including parents of college applicants, paid more than $25 million between 2011 and 2018 to William Rick Singer, a college admissions counselor and organizer of the “Operation Varsity Blues” scheme.

Jay Rosen: Justin, thank you for joining us today. To kick things off: Back
on March 12th, did you have any inkling that this investigation was underway,
and were you prepared for the explosion of client interest and media requests
that have followed since?

Justin Paperny: I had an inkling, but was not totally prepared for the
onslaught of attention and media surrounding this case.

Jay Rosen: And when you had inclination, were you contacted by folks at all
who were involved in the investigation? Or was this just how these matters
percolate up and how people tend to hear about them?

Justin Paperny: When it’s your full-time job and you’re in the space,
speaking with lawyers all over the country,…


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